Wroat was one of the first city-states in the history of Khorvaire, founded by Breggar, the warlord of the region centuries before the conquest of Galifar. The aggressive ruler destroyed Sharaat and renamed it “Sharn,” consolidating the largest nation of its time. It remains the Brelish capital, sitting on the Howling River, only a few hours by boat from the Dagger River.

While many people have visited Sharn, the nation’s capital is much less of an commercial or cultural hub. Wroat is a town chiefly known for its many layers of bureaucracy. As the Brelish seat of government, it holds the parliment, the supreme court, and the offices of the monarchy ( the home of King Boranel, Brokenblade Castle, sits separate, on an island in the Howling River). The democratically elected members of parliment take up residence in the town in the months proceeding harvest and preceeding the seeding of crops, as most are either landowners or farmers themselves. With this atmosphere, the town has developed a racial diversity found in no other large Khorvaire city.

  • 81,000 in residence, with 2,000 in transit (including visiting dignitaries and merchants)
  • 30% Human
  • 20% Gnome
  • 15% Half-Elf
  • 10% Elf
  • 8% Dwarf
  • 5% Halfling
  • 4% Changeling
  • 2% Warforged
  • 2% Goblinoid
  • 4% Other
Key Locations
  • Brelish Parliament
  • Brokenblade Castle
  • The Citadel
  • Lightning rail station: Besides the Sharn Terminus, this is only stop in western Breland for the rail system, and all trains going to and from Sharn must pass through this station.