Wardens of the Wood

The Wardens of the Woods are the most widespread and mainstream sect of druidism in the Eldeen Reaches, and act as a sort of administrative and policing body for the nation’s loose legal system. Their symbol is a miniature representation of their leader, Oalian.

Inspired by the ancient living greatpine, Oalian, the Wardens have created a climate in the Reaches that bridges the gap between the wild, fey ways of the deepest forests, and the cultivated fringes near Aundair and Breland. They encourage respect for the land and living creatures on it, preaching sustainable agriculture, humane husbandry, and limits on hunting. They also work to foster peace in communities, both internally and internationally. Trade is common throughout the Reaches, but the Wardens work hard to capture poachers and those who would abuse Reachers financially. Also, to protect the natural world, they hunt and destroy the unnatural threats to the Reaches. Most administrative leadership falls to Faerna Graymorn, a half-elf who has followed Oalian for over 30 years, and heads up the central council and any mass gatherings.

Although all these functions are wide in variety, the Wardens still focus on the practice of their druidic views. Unlike other faiths, druidism is tied to a few principles, not a complete dogma. Elder druids find young people with potential with primal power and a true respect for the land, and they recruit them to come to Greenheart for initiation, which means a short, private audience with Oalian himself. From there, the new Wardens perform according to their abilities. Some become hunters or rangers to cleanse the forests of any aberrant or outside forces. Others minister to local communities, performing druidic rituals, mediating disputes, and promoting natural living in a modern context. Only a few Wardens are true druids or shamans, tapping into the primal power of the Reaches, and working to face the largest problems of the new nation.

The holidays of the faith center around the solstices and equinoxes of the year, celebrating and preparing for the transition between season. The autumnal equinox includes a celebration of Oalian at Greenheart, where all Wardens add local elements to a brew the greatpine drinks, taking power from his followers in order to have more in the coming year to give back.

Wardens of the Wood

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