Valenar refers to the young elven nation in the southeast of Khorvaire, as well as the culture of elves (properly known as Valaes Tairn, or “warriors of glory”), most of whom call the nation their home. When people thinks of elves outside of the Dragonmarked Houses, they conjure up two images: the strange necromantic elves of Aerenal and the wild warriors of Valenar. Any veteran of the Last War will tell you horror stories of facing Valenar mercenaries in battle. This tradition stretches back to the beginning of elven culture in Xen’drik.

As the giants enslaved the eladrin and they mutated into what we know as elves, a naturally rebellious culture was born with elven society. Though much rebellion took the form of slowed work and sabotage, some elves advocated outright military rebellion. Of course, these elves were outmatched in every way by the giants, but their martial arts grew by leaps and bounds, and guerilla cells continued to operated in Xen’drik until the elves’ escape to Aerenal.

These militant elves differed from the magically inclined elves who founded the Undying Court, but the two groups found a way to live in harmony. They divided up Aerenal, the Valenar heading to the south. From there, they spent thousands of years honing their craft, battling each other, but then heading to foreign lands to test their mettle. Their most significant colony was in the southeast of the Dhakaani Empire, where the modern state of Valenar sits today. It was during this time that they began an extensive breeding program which today produces the most sought-after horses in all of Khorvaire (House Vadalis still sends spies in attempts to steal breeding stock for their own program). They spent centuries at war with the goblins, but a massive assault by the draconic Conclave drew almost all of them back to Aerenal, leaving the colony abandoned.

As Galifar came into being, the Valenar returned to Khorvaire, adding their military strengths to the empire’s expansion efforts. They hired themselves out as mercenaries, never wanting to be tied to one political group, always eager for the opportunity to fight.

High King Vadallia leads the nation with a light touch. He relies on the social strictures of Valenar culture to keep commerce flowing and any public services are provided through volunteers. One of the more unexpected things about the new nation is the support of the native humans called collective the “Khunan”, who appreciate the low taxes and hands-off approach to government. Some families claim to have heritage stretching back to the original Valenar colony, though there is no proof of this.

Throughout the country, the elves adhere to a faith called the Keepers of the Past, a mix of ancestor worship and druidism.


  • Forming the southeast corner of Khorvaire, Valenar has the grey mist of the Mournland as its western border, the Talenta Plains to the north across the Blade Desert, and Q’Barra to the northeast.
  • Notable Locations
    • Their capital, Taer Valaestas, is more of a market than a seat of power.


  • 70,000
  • 43% elf
  • 28% human
  • 15% half elf
  • 5% halfling
  • 5% goblin
  • 4% other