When Khorvaire was still Galifar, the kings of the continent ruled from the seat of power at Thronehold. Located in the heart of Khorvaire, at the end of Scions Sound, Thronehold was the center of the empire, and the center for the treaty proceedings at the end of the Last War.

Thronehold was an important fort for the conquerors of Khorvaire’s history, Karrn and Galifar among them. Its location was strategically and symbolically important. As soon as Galifar consolidated his power, he realized that living in any one of the five nations would show favoritism, so he left Karrn and built a castle atop Thronehold. The land became neutral and international territory. The island created shipping facilities and embassies, but it never established a true community like a town its size.

The first sparks of the Last War formed on Thronehold.

During the Last War, most generals were asked to attempt to take Thronehold by their rulers, but never made it a priority. The land was not secure enough to be held for an extended period, and numerous border invasions kept armies busy. But after the Mourning, it was quickly decided that the neutral island was the only place suitable to hold peace talks.

Over the hundred years that the island has been vacant of a king, the surrounding piers and docks have formed into a burgeoning criminal community, specializing in smuggling due to its central geography and legally nebulous status.