Tashana Tundra

Anyone who knows Sarlona probably sees the majority of the continent, for good or bad, as an orderly place. In Riedra, the Inspired reign with a iron mind, Adar has to deal with border skirmishes, but the towns and villages that dot the landscape are rarely in conflict, and in Syrkarn, the conditions are peaceful and spaced out enough where order establishes itself. But to the northwest, there is the Tashana Tundra. Whether it is the Mountains bordering the Riedran Empire, known for incursions by Riedran troops against the betrayed duergar, the tundra itself with its warring barbarians and shifter tribes, or the coast lined with smugglers and pirates, the Tashana Tundra is not an easy place to live.

Night of Razor Dreams Over the first few hundred years of the new Riedran Empire, the Inspired worked closely with Akiak dwarves to develop the hanbalani. In 536 Unity (234 YK), the project was completely, and halfway into the year, the Inspired launch a full-scale massacre of the Akiak, which only a handful escaped.

  • The Tundra shares its border with Dor Maleer. It is broken up in its west into the Tashyvar Islands.