Sarlona’s history is a mystery to most, prior to the creation of the Riedran Empire. Even the events leading up to the beginnings of this powerful nation are shrouded in rumor and conspiracy. But scholars have pulled together enough facts and legends to recreate a series of events they call collectively the Sundering.

In Sarlona’s prehistory, most people were organized into city-states and their surrounding lands. Before any great city-states were established, the Empire of Uoraala was the first notable ruling body, gathered from the mercenary armies who realized that they had grown larger in number than any one city-state. After that empire fell, the city states began to coalesce their power into specialized fields. They became the Twelve Kingdoms. Eight of those names survive today as the provinces of Riedra, and the other four (Mae Khree, Sunyagir, Khunan, and Lamecha) merged to become Syrkarn. Starting -1700 YK (-200 Unity in Riedra), civil war, treason, and rebellions tore apart these nations.