This southernmost district of Stormreach (directly south of Marketplace and west of the Harbor) is home to two wards and the camps of the local druidic giants and half-giants.

  • Summerfield
    • This ward is the center of the Karrnathi presence in the city, and is centered around Rosewood (named for its elaborate red ivy covering), a temple for the Blood of Vol; Seekers worship openly in the city. Berrinessa is the local priestess, and her divine aura and persuasive charms make her the closely guard centerpiece of the community.
    • Sitting in the Konoroo River on the shore of Summerfield is the infamous Black Freighter, a permanently docked ship converted into a tavern and a known hangout for Emerald Claw agents.
  • Grindstone
    • This ward is mostly made up of slums, but the ward is much more open, physically and politically, drawing the poorer radicals and free spirits.
  • Tents of Rusheme
    • Across the Konoroo River sits a sort of permanent campground, home to the giants and half-giants of the Rusheme clan. The various groups colelctively Rusheme as an ancient guardian of the wild, with other gods mirroring the Sovereign Host.