Jutting out into the Thunder Sea, this easternmost district of Stormreach (north of the Harbor and just east of the Marketplace) is named after a ancient, magically luminous wall between the two wards. The two are sharply different:
  • Locksmith Square
    • Although the Marketplace dominates city business during the day, when the sun sets, most people head over to this ward. Entertainment of all kinds is available, including the infamous brothel Shadows, the Red Ring, and the Black Wrack, the city’s largest tavern, popular for its open-door policy, no-nonsense bouncers, and wall of job postings.
  • Coasthold
    • When the city was established, House Kundarak saw an opportunity to establish an enclave on their own lands outside the city walls. What was formerly a large ditch was quickly built into a district catering to the House and its dwarven associates. Centered on the Tower of Kol Korran, the ward represents a compromise (crafted by Lord Amanatu), creating enormous profit for the House, but allowing the Twelve a space to operate, along with other minor enclaves of the dragonmarked houses. Most diplomatic proceeding occur within the ward.