Shadow Marches Triumvirate

Although the Shadow Marches are mostly known as a loose collection of tribes, when affairs require hands-on authority on a large scale, they turn to a ruling body called the Triumvirate. Each member heads their respective tribe. The Triumvirate also acts as the head of House Tharashk, bending the laws laid out in the Korth Edicts.

Maagrim Torrn

  • The Torrn clan has traditionally been strongly allied with the Gatekeepers, and Maagrim is no exception.

Daric Velderan

  • The Velderan clan usually has the most humans and half-orcs among the clans, and Daric is the first human to serve on the Triumvirate. He has channeled most of his energies into creating good will for their new nation and the house, building a bridge to the rest of Khorvaire.


  • The Aashta clan is notorious for its connections to the Cults of the Dragon Below, and though there is no evidence to incriminate Khander, he is known to be ruthless.

Shadow Marches Triumvirate

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