Rakshasas are the spawn of demons, the lesser versions of the demon lords that ruled Eberron eons ago. When the rakshasa rajahs were formed from the blood of Khyber, the rajahs’ spilled blood formed a smaller race resembling them. Like the dragons have the dragonborn and the couatl have the deva and shulassakar, the rakshasas have usually worked for these fiendish masters.

Most people will never see a rakshasa until is too late. They revel in taking on many forms, and when they do reveal themselves, it is often before the killing blow. But in their natural form, they have the head of a tiger or other big cat. These feline humanoids resemble weretigers, but there is one distinct difference visible to anyone who sees their true form. Their hands are oriented 180 degrees in the other direction, thumbs facing out, not in.