This southeastern nation was founded during the Last War as an attempt to recapture the spirit and ethics of the Galifar era.

Based out of Newthrone, King Sebastes ir’ Kesslan tries to reassemble Galifar as he imagines it from his historical texts. His father, Duke Ven, left Cyre in 927 YK, disgusted at the atrocities and division of the Last War, followed by like-minded Galifarists. After a year of arduous journey, they arrived in Adder Bay in the south.

After the Mourning, many surviving Cyran refugees made the long journey to Q’Barra.

  • Lizardfolk
    • Blackscale: The strongest of the clans, these lizardfolk are mostly based in the east around the ruins of Haka’torvhak.
    • Cold Sun: A coalition of tribes to the north of the settlements, the Cold Sun clan are the largest in number, but not as militarily powerful as the Blackscales. One tribe, the Twilight Walkers, has a civil relationship with the human settlers, providing guide service through the jungles.
    • Poison Dusk: Made up of pygmy lizardfolk, the Poison Dusk clan in the northeast is overtly antagonistic to the settlers, defering to the power of the Blackscales.
  • Dragonborn
  • Q’barra is essentially a peninsula in the southeast part of Khorvaire, isolated by the Endworld Mountains. Over the mountains to the west, the Mror Holds are to the north, the Talenta Plains to the central west, and Valenar to the south. Some major islands of the Lhazaar Principalities sit to the northeast of its shores. The human nation is split into two regions by the Whitecliff River, west and east: New Galifar and Hope. Farther north, the Crimson River flows into the gigantic Basura Swamp.
  • Notable Locations
    • The ruins of Haka’torvhak are a persistent draw for explorers and treasure hunters, though few come back alive. The few rumors to return include a demonic fortress and a draconic colony, but nothing has been confirmed.
    • Newthrone is the new nation’s capital.
    • Ka’rhashan is the largest community of dragonborn (population: 16,000) on the continent, and a holy site in their draconic faith. It lies at the shores of the Crimson River in the north.
  • 300,000
  • 27% lizardfolk
  • 30% human
  • 15% kobold
  • 13% dragonborn
  • 7% halfling
  • 3% dwarf
  • 2% half-elf
  • 3% other