A condition where the afflicted transform (spontaneously or otherwise) into a humanoid version of an animal. The disease is transmitted through exchange of bodily fluids, usually a bite that breaks the skin. Those who are exposed to the condition vary in their physiological reactions; some become berzerker lupine monsters, while others only transform once a year, and some are even recessive carriers. Researchers theorize that recessive carriers of the lycanthropic condition are the root of the shifter race.

Because of Eberron’s 12 moons, there is almost always enough lunar exposure to induce lycanthropic transformation. The most commonly known lyncathropes are werewolves, but wereboars, werebears, wererats, weresharks and others are also known to have existed.

Historically, lycanthropes have been hunted and killed out of fear of their animal power and ferocity. A single werewolf can kill an entire herd of sheep in a few hours, and if exposed to a human population, the casualties and exposure can decimate a community. During the early years of Khorvaire’s unity as Galifar, this fear came to a hilt during the Silver Purge. A mission of the Church of the Silver Flame, the Purge sent countless werewolves, shifters, and sometimes innocent people to their death. Major communities of lycanthropes and shifters were destroyed, and today entire clans only survive in the isolated locales of Droaam and the Eldeen Reaches.