Lhazaar Principalities

As long as there have been boats, there have been pirates. People who view the open sea as a battleground, where the strongest survive. Landlubbers might think them villains and brigands, but really, are they any different from the conquering army on land? And though their way may not be as genteel as that of a feudal society, with its gentried class and its extensive etiquette, pirates often participate in a basic form of democracy and meritocracy. To be sure, the Lhazaar Principalities are proud of their outsider status, and wouldn’t have any other way.

The Principalities are named after Lhazaar, the fabled sailor and explorer who brought humanity to Khorvaire.

The major change in Lhazaar politics and culture came after the Galifar-Lhazaar War of 28 YK. During the Thronehold treaty talks, the principalities were represented by High Prince Rygar ir’Wynarn.

  • Bloodsail: The descendants of the servants of House Vol, these elven pirates have close ties to the Blood of Vol. Princess Shaen Tasil is based out of Port Cairn, on Farlnen Island.
  • Cloudreaver: Populated with a variety of barbarians and bloodthirsty militants, the Cloudreavers, lead by the dwarven princess Mika Rockface, are based out of Port Krez.
  • Direshark: Rygar’s closest rival is the changeling Prince Kolberkon, based in Port Verge.
  • Gray Tide: Based around Lastpoint, changeling prince Kel advocates for changelings and offers them their own home and community.
  • Heavenly Fleet: Prince Lorrister claims divine blood, and accounts of his appearances include a set of wings on his back. He claims to bring law to the principalities, and has foreign funding from sects of the Silver Flame
  • Seadragon: Under the leadership of Rygar, this principality is the largest, as is its fleet. The Seadragons, lead by Rygar’s flagship, the Dragoneye, and are known for their principality’s stability and democratic traditions. Recently, they’ve concluded negotiations to become House Orien’s main merchant contractors in the region. They are based out of Regalport.
  • Wind Whisperer: Prince Koulton Brightwind is an exciorate of House Lyrander, cast out for stealing a small fleet of wind galleons to build his principality, which he has yet to establish a base for.
  • The Principalities form the northeastern corner of Khorvaire. To the west, the landbound part of the Principalities touch the Hoarfrost Mountains, which make up the eastern half of the Mror Holds. To the south, the Endworld Mountains touch the southern tip, making Q’Barra their southern neighbor. The islands themselves float in the Lhazaar Sea, which is east of the Bitter Sea and northwest of the Sea of Lost Souls.
  • Notable Locations
    • The infamous Dreadhold prison sits off of Cape Far in the northeastern part of the continental portion of the Principalities.
    • Port Verge, home of the Diresharks, is the largest port (population: 1,500) in the south of the islands. House Lyrander has made serious inroads at this port (with the Diresharks), despite its bad history with the pirate princes.
    • Regalport is the nation’s informal capital, in the far northeast.
  • 500,000
  • 42% human
  • 16% gnome
  • 14% half-elf
  • 12% changeling
  • 5% dwarf
  • 4% elf
  • 4% halfling
  • 3% other

Lhazaar Principalities

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