The undisputed rulers of Riedra, the Inspired are the vessels for the quori of Dal Quor, and follow (directly or otherwise) the instructions of the Dreaming Dark.

Path of Inspiration

The Inspired have spread a faith based on a dichtomy between good and evil spirits (il-altas and il-altavars, respectively), both trying to influence the world. Every person has a role and a specific destiny. When one follows il-altas, they stick to their fate, and they can be reincarnated as the powerful and benevolent Inspired, who literally share a body with an il-altas. Succumbing to the temptation of the il-altavars, and straying from your chosen destiny, will bring you back as a lower creature, making life harder and less rewarding. The il-altavars can be represented as any force not in line with Inspired doctrine: other religions, magic, primal energies, any ideas or forces that oppose the il-altas.

This cycle of reincarnation is closely bound to race: ogres and shifters have humanoid shapes, but they are still considered below humanity, which is a necessary step to Inspiration. Changelings are a step above humans, spiritually and physically malleable, and thus more prepared for Inspiration.

Path followers do not worship at any temples; their work is a symbol of their adherence to their destiny and rejection of il-altavars. But each week also allows time for the faithful to come around a hanbalani and exult in the glow of the Inspired’s power.