House Lyrander

This half elven dragonmarked house uses the Mark of Storm to control the weather, both for the benefit of agriculture, and to improve travel, both by air and sea. The Raincallers are the backbone of Khorvaire’s agricultural sector, providing mostly predictable weather patterns to keep crops growing. Meanwhile, The Windwrights control wind for naval transport, and marked heirs are the only ones able to helm airships. In fact, the house’s research arm (Lyran’s Gift) helped finalize the design and production of the airships. The entire airship enterprise is coordinated by Lady Solia in Sharn. The house seal bears an image of a kraken.

While House Medani is also a half-elven house, Lyrander is indisputably the center of Khorvar culture and politics. Their version of the origin of the Khorvar is a keystone to the Lyrander culture. The tale tells of two ship-wrecked Khorvar named Sela and Lyran, who prayed to the Devourer and were changed into kraken, and became prince and princess of the sea. In fact, a group called Sela’s Path acts a sort of lobby for Khorvar interests, aiding half-elves in every avenue of society. House head Baron Esravash takes personal interest in new players on the Khorvar circuit, positive or otherwise. Also, although they are not on the best of terms with pureblooded elves, the house maintains a series of villas in the east of Valenar.

The house enclave is actually the entire island of Stormhome, a political anomaly in that it is not officially part of Aundair. It is a public secret that during the Last War, the island was used by smugglers and spies under the name “Stormwalkers,” a group lead by infamous captain Torval Enkiliost.