House Kundarak

This dwarven dragonmarked house uses the Mark of Warding to protect the valuables of people throughout Khorvaire, maintaining banks interconnected by magic. The house’s main enclave is in Korunda Gate in the west of the Mror Holds, and is overseen by Lord Morrikan, the oldest living house head, and one of two house heads who was alive before the Last War (the other is House Phiarlan’s baron). The house’s seal bears the image of a manticore.

The house’s work is based in two guilds: Warding and Banking. The Warding guild is mostly known for the Golden Door, who provide insured and guaranteed wards for vaults, homes, and warehouses (their premium service is called the Iron Gate). But to test its security from within (and capture any who actually break their wards), the house formed the Ghorad’din (the Silver Key), as an elite group of thieves and assassins, lead by Morrikan’s nephew, Blaurath.

The Banking guild, headed by Morrikan’s niece, Daphane, works alongside House Sivis to protect most of Khorvaire’s wealth, as well as maintain a robust system of loans and commodity trading. It also controls the House’s considerable investments, including the enormous Deep Mine in northeast Zilargo.