The Harbor of Stormreach, (east of Cross and south of Silverwall) under the purview of the Wilkeses, is a generally shabby and disreputable affair. The Wilkeses’ employees work in the Harbormaster’s House, collecting tariffs and (ostensibly) checking cargos. Nearby, the Riedran consulate handles refined goods from Dar Qat, and houses most of the city’s Riedran citizens (who rarely venture beyond its walls).

In the water, three features are seen by every visiting ship:

  • Shargon’s Talon is rocky feature jutting out of the water, sacred to the local sahuagin, used as a temple to the Devourer. Human and elven followers can be seen regularly swimming the length of the Harbor to the temple as a show of faith.
  • The Lighthouse is a relic of the giant empire, a magical crystal shard constantly lit and rotating, with a mysterious power source. The Lighthouse has a small set of rooms at its base usually occupied by a steward, but since the light never has technical problems, this position is usually filled by hermits and lonely scholars.
  • Another relic sits atop a small, barren island near the shore. A gigantic rendition of the Emperor Cul’Sir, the statue points out the sea in a royal fashion.