Some people underestimate races because of their diminutive stature. But over the years, dwarves, gnomes, and even goblins have proven that the small humanoids of the world are not be trifled with. The halflings of Khorvaire are no exception. Their origins are unknown; in fact, most halflings are confused by the idea of origin tale, as if existing in the present wasn’t enough. But over the last few thousand years, these plains dwellers have entered the urban world to become a key part of Khorvairan society.

The earliest records of halflings are present on the frescos and murals of lizardfolk ruins in Q’Barra. Most people don’t know that the lizardfolk originally lived in the eastern deserts of the continent, until they were driven out by the halflings. The ancient illustrations show the halflings ganging up in high numbers on the large lizardfolks, and depict them riding the raptors they ride to this day.

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