There are many people who underestimate gnomes because of their size. Some might say this is a disadvantage. Gnomes will say it works in their favor. Any person who assumes that the gnomes are a people who can be stepped on have another thing coming.

One of the main mechanisms of the gnomes’ collection and manipulation of information is House Sivis, utilizing the Mark of Scribing.

The gnomes come from the Feywild, and a great number of them still live there. Unfortunately, a large number of them live under the thumb of the fomorians. But it was in this ruthlessly oppressive culture that gnomish culture as we know it today was born. Fomorians are unrepentant slavers, and many eons ago, they began a campaign of capturing and enslaving the gnomish race, finding them the least physically challenging. In the fomorian mines, generations of gnomes toiled, slowly changing from foragers into rebellious schemers. Fomorians, while powerful, are not a subtle or complicated culture. Gnomes quickly learned that omitting information and eavesdropping gave them the advantage with their overlords. Soon, this grew into a culture where knowledge was literally power. Using the feyspires, such as Pylas Pyrial, and other magical means, gnomes escaped to Eberron.

Today, gnomes live in almost every corner of the globe, but for almost any roaming gnome, there is a home in Zilargo.