This race resides in Elemental Chaos, a bastion of order and discipline in the midst of chaos and destruction. According to texts dating back to the Dhakaani Empire, the githzerai were originally a collection of slave races from Eberron transformed by the daelkyr and their servants, the illithids, around -8000 YK. During the Daelkyr Invasion, they rose up in rebellion and escaped to Khyber, splitting from their more militant cousins, the githyanki. During their rebellion, they joined the Gatekeepers in assembling the mystical locks and bindings that now keep the daelkyr in check. One of the main duties of any githzerai community is maintaining this elaborate system of imprisonment.

Githzerai have developed their latent psionic abilities after millenia exposed to the energies of Khyber while honig a regiment of meditation and precise mental training.