This group of druids (including mostly orc, half orc, and human members) is the keeper of a druidic tradition dating back millenia, devoted to the imprisonment of the creatures of Khyber, especially the invaders of Xoriat, like the daelkyr. These primal binding magics were taught to them by the ancient black dragon, Vvaraak. Their holy symbol is tribute to her, a black outline of a dragon’s skull.

The Gatekeepers arguably saved Eberron during the Daelkyr Invasion, binding the terrible artist-kings to Khyber, keeping them out of the surface world. That war devestated their ranks, though, and today, they act as a sentinel force, maintaining the ancient locks of the daelkyr and using observatories to watch Siberys for alignments and portents of aberrant power. To this end, most are centered in the Shadow Marches, but groups of Gatekeepers (called mystagogues) travel to areas of great magical chaos (whose instabilities might allow a daelkyr to break through), such as the Mournland.

Saala Torrn is known throughout the Marches as the most elder and powerful Gatekeeper, but she is not the organization’s leader, but a valuable advisor and facilitator. The Torrn clan is known for its connection to the sect.