On the northern polar cap of Eberron is the icy continent of Frostfell. The polar region is home to snow giants, the arctic dwarves (formerly the giants’ slaves, called the Toldun Nordorthak, “those who stayed”), and a variety of arctic creatures.

The most famous (and only returning) expedition to this icy wasteland was made by the Wayfinder Foundation under the direction of Boroman ir’Dayne. From that expedition, and a collection of reports and histories, the continent seems to be split down the middle by an enormous mountain chain explorers have dubbed the Iceworm Peaks.

To the southwest of the continent is the massive island of Icewhite (the size of Zilargo) and its three sibling islands: Tlalusk, Qorrashi, and Icegaunt (all north of the Demon Wastes).