This Stormreach district (directly north of the Marketplace) is mostly industrial, with a few residences for workers. The Deneith enclave is prominently featured in the center of the district. The Foundry, run and owned by the Omarens is next door, churning out most of the local weaponry and armor. It is staffed by a variety of races, but mostly dwarves and warforged. Those same warforged usually end the working day in the Rusty Nail, a bar catering to their new race, with strong smelling alchemical solutions and brightly-colored interior design. Forgelight also has the oldest Sovereign Host temple in Stormreach, the Church of the Ascendant Wyrm, which preaches that the Host is actually a collection of dragons who ascended to godhood. It also encourages greed and graft, tying the idea of a dragon’s hoard to a person’s ability to ascend upon death.