The capital of Thrane, and the holy center of the Church of the Silver Flame. Keeper Jaela Daran and the Diet of Cardinals hold court here, as well as the blood regent Diani. The city is an island in a tightly enclosed bay, connected to the mainland by three bridges.

  • 150,000, with 4,500 in transit
  • 70% Human
  • 9% Dwarf
  • 6% Halfling
  • 4% Half-elf
  • 4% Elf
  • 7% Other

The Cathedral of the Silver Flame is the highest point in the city, centered on a hill atop the island. The former monarchy’s castle, Thalingard, sits on the western foothill of the Cathedral.

The Knights of Thrane, under Captain Malik Otherro, oversee the security of the nation, both as an intelligence agency and a collection of military officers.