Like all of the cosmic planes, the Feywild and the Material Plane are separate entities, but they have a fair amount of overlap and interaction. In Khorvaire, one of the most pronounced examples of this overlap are the feyspires, which visit from the plane of Thelanis. In the years preceding the Last War and the Mourning, these fey communities would blink into existence, occupying small tracts of land throughout Khorvaire. Though by no means a city by our standards, the feyspires consist of a large central tower and an outcropping of buildings and fey communties.

Over the ages, their presence has been both celebrated and despised, and the presence of fey creatures (eladrin, elves, etc.) can be traced mostly to these places. The feyspires would appear on a somewhat regular basis, and stay for a few months, then disappear until the next time. This changed, however, with the Mourning. Since then, the feyspires have remained on the Material Plane, and no amount of arcane research has been able to find a way to send them back. Local governments begrudgingly accept their presence on local lands because of the chaotic power their residents could bring to bear if antagonized.

Here is a list of the known feyspires in Eberron:

  • Shae Tirias Tolai, in the center of Xen’drik, was called the City of Silver and Bone. It was the feyspire that could be called the birthplace of the elven race. Its ruins still sit in the deep jungle.
  • Pylas Pyrial, in Zilargo (between Korranberg and Trolanport in the Shimmerwood Forest) is called the Gate of Joy. Its population includes a majority of Feywild-native gnomes, and has a cordial relationship with the Zil Triumvirate.
  • Shae Joridal, in the center of Darguun, is called the City of Emerald Lights. It is constantly under siege by the Lhesh Haruuc’s goblin military.
  • Shae Lora Lyndar, in the Twilight Demesne of the Eldeen Reaches, is called the City of Rose and Thorn. Although on fair terms with the local druidic clans (especially the Greensingers), it is still wary of being permanently tied to the Material Plane.
  • Shaelas Tiraleth, in the south of the Mournland, was called the Court of the Silver Tree. Explorers who venture into the Mournland have not yet explored the part of the Mournland near Valenar’s border to see how the Mourning has effected the feyspire.
  • Taer Lian Doresh, in the Whitepine Forest in the mainland of the Lhazaar Principalities, is called the Fortress of Fading Dreams. Its citizens are still adapting to the Principalities’ pirate society. Despite disturbing stories of nightmarish creatures roaming the woods, and strange sleepwalking communities, the feyspire is on civil terms with High Prince Rygar.
  • Taer Syraen, near the Scions Sound in Karrnwood in Karrn, is called the Winter Citadel. It has a contentious relationship with the Karrnathi government, but a close one with House Phiarlan.