When the giant race experimented with elves, they tried to specialize the species for various tasks. The race that became the Vulkoori were bred to survive in the humid jungles, while the Haratana were bred for the dry desert. What most historians don’t know is that the giants had an extensive seafaring network. For this purpose, they bred the Heskano. Every Heskan has more pronounced webbing on their hands and feet to allow for faster swimming, larger lungs for holding their breath, a minor sonic organ designed for underwater sonar and communication, and powerful long-distance vision. The Heskano served as the ship’s watchdogs; most of the time, they worked the rigging of the sails and kept watch on the horizon, but in dangerous waters, they swam alongside the boat, going deep to watch for aboleths and kraken. They also assisted the giants’ fledging submarine league, with breathing apparati to extend their aquatic abilities. The giants modeled them after dolphins.

Like most pirate societies, the Cul’sir sailor were rough and less refined, but they had a more democratic tradition, which rubbed off on their drow crews. Feskano drow were treated better than most drow through giant society, but they were still technically slaves. To this purpose, they began a plan for a mass escape. They had heard some of the phiarlan tales of rebellion and escape from the mainland, but they had no desire to join their brethren on land. But the Feskano were not completely aquatic either; infants needed land to recuperate from long swims, and resources had to be gathered in dry places. So the Feskans began a process they called the Gathering Build. Flotsam, driftwood, and any spare floating material they could find while at sea was slowly gathered. While the Feskano followed a ship, they were allowed a certain freedom of movement within 10 miles of the ship. In this way, materials were relayed to freed Feskans, who began building atolls out of the scavenged goods.

Eventually, the Quori Giant War struck the naval interests of the giants, and ships began returning, drafting sailors into the war. The Feskano saw their chance as the war drew to a terrible close, and they escaped en masse over the course of the decade before the Moonbreaker was used.

Today, these atolls are mostly spotted by sailors braving the treacherous Sea of Lost Souls, concentrated to the east of Xen’drik, on the fringes of the Thunder Sea. They often come into conflict with sahuagin, but are able to keep them at bay.