Elemental Chaos

The Elemental Chaos, also known as Khyber, is the plane of the primordials, and contains Risia, Kythri, and Fernia.

  • Risia
    • Risia, the Plain of Ice, is a plane that is layer upon layer of snow and ice with a constant blizzard raining down new layers of sleet snow and ice from a dark grey clouded sky. The very atmosphere freezes the lungs and steals away the breath. The average temperature hovers around 0 degrees. Most of the effects of Risia‚Äôs coterminous phases are unfelt by the general populace of Khorvaire since these effects mostly take place in the Frostfell and the Everice regions of Eberron. These areas grow more intesely cold and temporary conduits to Risia open up in these areas of intense cold allowing natives of the plane to slip into the Material Plane. Mostly, this is unfelt since few of the civilized races exist in these extreme environments. Similarly these remote areas experience a decrease in temperature around times that the plane is remote, though the change in temperature is only faintly noticeable.
  • Kythri
    • Kythri, the Churning Chaos, is the opposite of Daanvi. Highly morphic the land is a roiling mass of land, water, air, fire, magma, steam, and all other manner of elemental forces. The plane is in a constant state of unrest though some can keep a location from morphing by strength of will, if only for a short period of time. The gravity changes randomly in random directions, and spells with the chaotic descriptor are automatically enlarged and maximized while spells of the lawful type are impeded. Kythri does not follow a set planar orbit but rather lurches through the Astral Plane at random intervals sometimes hurtling through space, sometimes slowing to a crawl. Because of this feature Kythri might be coterminous with the Material Plane for a day or a century and might be remote for only a few months before jumping back into touch with the Material Plane. Popular superstition link coterminous periods with eras of unrest and war. Many scholars believe Kythri was coterminous during the first decades of the Last War but no firm evidence backs these claims. As of yet, there does not appear to be any effect on Eberron when Kythri is remote.
  • Fernia
    • Fernia, the Sea of Fire, is a continually burning landscape. Plates of compressed ash and debris float atop oceans of liquid flame as mountains ooze with molten lava. When Fernia is coterminous to the Material Plane areas of extreme heat become even more radiant and entering pools of lava may whisk one away to Fernia. Likewise inhabitants of Fernia can slip into the Material Plane and magic cast in these areas with the fire descriptor is automatically enlarged and empowered. When Fernia is remote, areas of extreme heat are reduced in severity. Spells with the fire descriptor are more difficult to cast, except near hot-spots.