As the human race is to the Material Plane, eladrin are to the Feywild. A common creature through the magical wilderness, the eladrin practice esoteric and arcane arts, both for practical and leisurely reasons. They have pretenatural connection to natural and cosmic forces, using them for good and evil.

In Eberron, the eladrin have a disjointed history. Throughout its existence, these fey creatures have slipped through the barriers separating our worlds and theirs. While a few have done so with their own devices, the majority of eladrin have come to this world through the feyspires. The feyspires are enormous towers, surrounded by what the fey races would call a city, though it bears little resemblance to Sharn. These communities blinked into our plane, sometimes for months at a time. The fey creatures who live in them sometimes choose to stay in Eberron, or get left behind. Unfortunately, some also are kidnapped and held here against their will.

Such was the case for the feyspire of Xen’drik. In the Age of Giants, the feyspire Shae Tirias Tolai appeared in the central jungles of the giants’ continent. The powerful and enormous rulers of the land quickly took notice of the dimensional intrusion, and when the feyspire returned, the trap snapped shut. Spells and brute force kept the eladrin and the other assorted fey trapped here on our plane, and the giants ripped apart the spire to learn its secrets. Over the next thousand years, giants changed their eladrin slaves into the race we know today as elves.

Eladrin and elves generally do not get along because of this history. Eladrin look down on the elves as creatures tainted by the material world, and are horrified by the use of necromancy in Aerenal. Elves look at the eladrin as a weak race who allowed themselves to be captured by the giants, and are usually annoyed by their free-spirited and flippant attitudes.

The one community of eladrin who were captured in Xen’drik were by no means a large portion of the total eladrin population. The eladrin still live in the Feywild, rulers and subjects alike. And the other feyspires on Eberron are still fixed in the Material Plane, both to the joy and chagrin of their host nations.