The practice of drawing power from the primal forces of the world in common on Eberron, and druid sects are numerous throughout the land.

Common Dogma and Practice

  • Although the sects vary wildly in beliefs and rituals, they do all share an abiding faith and love for natural life throughout the world, with little concern for the soul as an individual entity.
  • One of the common practices are purification rituals; druids focus on their sect’s principles while applying natural ingredients to their person, imbuing themselves with strength based on their principles. For instance, the ritual of Ash in the Ashbound sect allows the faithful to attack their unnatural prey with more ferocity.


  • The Ashborn are a fairly extreme sect of 2,000, preaching destruction of all things unnatural, under which they include all arcane magic and any civilized cultivation of the land. Many are refugees or survivors of the “unnatural” world (Cyre, the Demon Wastes), including mostly humans and shifters. They have no real hierarchy or grand council, leaving leadership to the strong and charismatic. Their violence has lead to classification as a terrorist group by Aundair. Their symbol is a fire-ravaged tree.
  • A sect of only 1,000, the Children of Winter are focused on the end of life, the “Winter.” They believe a winter for all of life could begin the cycle of nature anew and wipe the slate clean, and their actions encourage that end. They best known for spreading poison and plague, and are based in the Gloaming. Their symbol is a gnawed femur bone.
  • Most common amongst the orcish tribes of the Shadow Marches, the Gatekeepers carry one of the oldest druidic traditions, centered on the binding and removal of alien entities from Eberron.
  • The clearest connection to the Feywild, the Greensingers represent the wild forces of nature. The 300 druids are mostly elven, and this sect is almost all magical (with no lay members), having visiting the Feywild and learned powers there. They believe that everything that exists is part of nature, even extraplanar life like the undead or daelkyr. Manifest zones fascinate them, and they are always examining planar breaches. Because of this, they base their work out of the feyspire in the Twilight Demesne. Their holy symbol is a thirteen point star (a point for each plane) superimposed onto a green leaf.
  • The best known and largest are the Wardens of the Wood, seeking to mesh with the modern world, taking spiritual leadership from the sentient ancient greatpine, Oalian.