Dreaming Dark

The malevolent force at the center of Dal Quor. This collection of quori represent the vast majority of quori (with the exception of the quori bound to kalashtar.

At end of the quori’s war with the ancient Xen’drik giants, the giants unleashed horrific magicks to defeat the dream entities. This defeat brought about the transition of Dal Quor from a realm of mostly dreams to a realm built on nightmares and completely severed it from the Material Plane. The realigned quori worked quickly to consolidate their power (leading the remaining benevolent quori to escape into the kalashtar form), and today, they maintain a strictly tiered system of abominations and horrors.

Since Dal Quor is unable to coterminate with Eberron, the Dreaming Dark must work through intermediaries. The most common is the Inspired, who act as vessels for the quori as they rule Riedra. But the quori also use more subtle means, using nightmares to confuse and control people who may not even know quori exist. It is also difficult to understand what the Dreaming Dark wants, which makes their machinations even more mysterious.