These crystals are a powerful magical resource used throughout Eberron, both to augment and contain arcane energy. Their harvest and use is a key resource in international and local economics on Eberron. According to legend, they are the remains of the great Progenitor Dragons, each with properties tied to its original dragon.

Khyber dragonshards
  • Arguably the most difficult to obtain, Khyber shards are only found beneath the surface of the earth. They are most commonly used for elemental binding.
Eberron dragonshards
  • The easiest to find and gather, Eberron shards are found in fields and swamps, mostly commonly in Q’Barra and the Shadow Marches. These shards often come in the form of a geode, with an egg-shaped rocky exterior, and a collecting of crystals within.
Siberys dragonshards
  • Arguably the rarest, Siberys shards fall from space, and most researchers agree the Ring of Siberys in particular is the primary source. Given that the Ring circles Eberron’s equator, the shards are mostly found in places like northern Xen’drik.