Daughters of Sora Kell

Sora Kell was the most powerful hag of her time. Armies feared her strength, ancient mages feared her magics, and kings feared her cunning. Any child in Khorvaire can retell the ghost stories of the hag Sora, who would steal your eyes if you don’t go to sleep. Her reputation and stories became so widespread that they caught the ears of one amorous rakshasa. He sought her out and they courted, in their own way. After months of battles of wits, strength, and magic, the two consumated their passion, and 13 months and 13 days later, on the night of a triple moon full eclipse, the Sisters Three were born.

Teraza was born first, and as the nameless fiend looked at the young dusk hag, he saw the precise cause of his death in her infant eyes. Before Sora Kell could react, he drove his clawed fingers into her eyes, striking her blind for the rest of her life. But the injury did not remove her powers of oracular vision.

Maenya was born second, and as soon as her father lifted her to examine the annis hag infant, she grabbed his finger and snapped it off of his hand. Maenya’s strength is legendary in Khorvaire. She is said to have killed dragons with her bare hands, and wrestled giants for the fun of it.

Katya was born last, and as soon as she looked into her father’s evil eyes, he became calm and docile. The green hag’s powers of persuasion and control are the thing of legends, and most of the public goodwill and unity that exists in Droaam stems from her speeches and personal interactions with its leaders.

After this momentous birth, the rakshasa took one look at the weakened mother, and he slit Sora Kell’s throat. He did what countless warriors had been unable to do, but only in a moment of maternal weakness. He flew away into the night sky, and the three infants lay next to their dead mother. Within a few days, hunger set in, and the triplets began to feed on the corpse, imbuing their bodies with even more magical energy. As soon as they were strong enough to walk, the Sisters walked out into the wilderness, all in separate directions, saying nothing to each other.

Centuries later, Teraza was hiking through Byeshk Mountains when she was hit with the clearest vision she had ever received. She and her sisters sat upon a throne atop a mountain, overlooking hordes of gnolls, goblins, minotaurs, and other non-humans. They all chanted one word: “”/wikis/droaam" class=“wiki-page-link”>Droaam." She lifted her wand and sent a flash of green power into the sky. Thousands of miles away, the other two sisters looked up, and within a few days, they had flown to meet at the base of the Great Crag.

There are few humans who have ever stood in the Sisters’ presence and lived to tell about it. Though there are many rumors and tales about the Sisters’ consolidation of power in the former Brelish territory, there is little recorded fact. Suffice it to say, it was quick and brutal. Where the Znir Pact had been spread out and without political power, now they were the military of the Sisters. Where illithids had ruled underground, now they governed on the surface. While they always had the final say, the Sisters have empowered these hidden and so-called “uncivilized” races. Monsters across the continent who know of the Sisters usually revere (and envy) them for freeing their peoples. And of course, the Sisters want it this way. Legends build them up, and in some corners the three hags are worshipped as gods.

Today, the Sisters manage a complicated web of power plays and racial tension in Droaam. The question is, are they satisfied with Droaam alone? The peoples of the new nation may be more organized than they were, but they are still far from facing the Five Nations in battle. Do the Sisters plan to return Khorvaire to the Age of Monsters?

Daughters of Sora Kell

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