This district of Stormreach (east of the Marketplace and west of the Harbor) is made up of four wards:

  • Dannel’s Pride
    • This ward constitutes the largest population of Cyran refugees outside of New Cyre or Sharn, but this influx has driven the once middle-class area into destitution and violence.
  • Graystone
    • The Tharashk dragonshard refinery is the largest part of this ward, and all associated retailers and businesses group around it.
  • Saltire
    • Unlike most of Stormreach, this residential ward remains unaffiliated, swearing allegiance to no nation or religion. The residents take pride in this, and look unkindly at anyone who tries to force views on them.
  • The Sloths
    • The center for Brelish residents, this ward is known for its tailors, who have crafted the “Stormreach” look, an amalgam of dozens of styles, loud colors, and adaptations for the hot weather.