After years of rule, King Boranel ir’ Wynarn remains one of the most loved, repsected, and envied public figures in Khorvaire. Boranel has ruled Breland since he was 23 (961 YK), when his older brothers both died on the battlefield, followed by their grief-stricken father. Although he had a reputation as a womanizer and a gregarious adventurer, Boranel quickly used his extensive education to focus his power. He married a Cyran noble much to the surprise of the public, but she was assassinated year later to the dismay of all Brelish citizens. Since then, he has lost another two wives (to natural deaths) and sired eleven children (none of which share his leadership or charisma).

Politically, the king retains his executive power over the legislature, and though pro-democracy sentiments are common, few people are willing to confront him on the issue, and he generally avoids it as well. While the king performs his duty to most people’s satisfaction, he also has time to explore and adventure. Tall tales are a staple of any discussion concerning the king, including a hand-to-hand brawl with an ogre, defeating an entire tribe of drow in Xen’drik, and refusing to compete in the Race of Eight Winds lest he embarass the other competitors.

The king spends most of his time in the royal grounds of Brokenblade Castle, in the center of Wroat. There, he stays abreast of the Parliament’s actions, gets updates from his brother Kor (commander of the King’s Citadel), hunts in the royal woods, and spends time with his dragonmarked friends. He also hosts the sister of Kaius III, Princess Haydith, as a peace exchange of royal heirs, a guest he has grown to love like an uncle. His own children, Halix and Borina, stay in the Karrnathi court, though gossip says they are lonely and ignored.