After the Last War, there are many groups that desire to re-ignite the flames of conflict to recapture the crown of Galifar, and most agree that the most likely ruler to stoke these flames would be Queen Aurala of Aundair. Although she makes public proclamations for peace and diplomacy, she has built a reputation as a conspirator who will do everything to give her country the upper hand. Crowned in 980 YK, with only 14 years left in the Last War, Aurala scrambled to delay invasions, lengthen diplomatic talks, and confound opponents. All this work insured the increasingly shrinking nation could regroup and re-arm. And though her intention was to strike back when such time passed, the Mourning stopped her immediate desire for the throne of Galfiar.

Today, Aundair prospers under her rule (though she shares substantial power with her brother, Adal, and Lord Darro). The last thirty years saw little battle on what land Aundair is now allocated, so all of the agricultural products the nation is famous for have rebounded. To that end, the Queen lives a lavish lifestyle, more so than any other royal in Khorvaire. Her husband is Prince Consort Sasik d’Vadalis, who gave up his rights as a marked heir to marry her. Her other siblings are Araud, who is the mayor of Fairhaven, and her younger twin sisters, Wrel and Wrey, who are in their fifth year of study at the Arcane Congress. Among her four children, her most famous heir is Prince Jurian, who exiled himself after a duel following his mother’s ban on public duels. He now is known throughout the elite circles as a playboy, partying and travelling constantly. Aurala also explicitly refused Kaius III’s plan to swap royal children for the sake of peace.