This nation of Khorvaire in the central north is one of the smaller nations on the continent, but was originally one of the five nations of Galifar. “What we sow in effort, we harvest in good fortune.” is the national motto, summing up neatly the country’s tradition of glorifying determination. Its crest bears the profile of a dragonhawk, surrounded by wheat stalks and an open book, paralleling the balance of erudite knowledge and rural effort. The first word that comes to people’s minds when they hear of Aundair is magic. The nation’s history and culture are steeped in arcane power. It has the most magical universities (most famously the Arcane College).

The country’s Queen is Aurala, who is known on the international stage as a wily diplomatic opponent. Locally, however, it is an open secret that she must share power with her brother, Adal (First Warlord and Minister of Magic), and Lord Darro ir’Lain (Second Warlord and Knights Arcane commander). Adal is known for his anti-Thrane sentiments, while Darro has never made peace with the Reaches’ new independence.

The agricultural industries are a large part of the country’s revenue and culture. Like Thrane, it is a breadbasket for the Khorvar economy, though its most famous export is its many wines. Horse husbandry in Aundair is second only to the fabled horses of Valenar, a tradition that overlapped with that of House Vadalis.

  • After the Treaty of Thronehold, Aundair is a third of its original size, shaped like a right facing hook. The nation’s west border touches the Eldeen Reaches at the Wynarn River, though it used to touch the Icehorn Mountains. To the north, the Eldeen Bay is fed by the Bitter Sea, across which sits Frostfell. To the south, Silver Lake continues the western border, and the mining mountains of Breland separate those two countries, while Thrane makes up its contentious southeastern border (the Starpeaks being a natural buffer). And to the east, Scions Sound is the natural border between the nation and Karrnath (it used to be crossed by the White Arch Bridge, destroyed during the Last War).
  • Significant Locations
    • The fabled Arcane Congress floats above the southern village of Arcanix.
    • Fairhaven is the nation’s capital metropolis.
    • Passage is reknown as the center of House Orien operations.
    • Marketplace (in the southeast) is one of the best known commerical districts in all of Khorvaire.
  • 2 million
  • 51% human
  • 16% half-elf
  • 11% elf
  • 11% gnome
  • 5% halfling
  • 3% shifter
  • 2% changeling
  • 1% other