In the center of Adar there is a mountain named Korrandar, said to be the crown of the world. The peak defines the landscape, both geographically and culturally. The Adarians are a mountain people, living in valleys and crags, climbing and hiking to trade with nearby villages. When a person looks from out from a peak a mile above the ground, they tend to have a different view of the world.

Adar is ancient Sarlona word for “refuge.” Adar has acted as a refuge from the Riedran regime since its creation, and it also became a sanctuary for the quori who gave birth to the kalashtar race.

The official reason the Inspired give for their antagonism towards the kalashtar is the “Madness of Yaruun,” an incident where the entire population of the city of Yaruun was stricken insane. The Inspired attribute the madness to an attack by the kalashtar.