Thrane, by any stretch of the imagination, is a nation of faith. The first theocracy of modern Khorvaire, Thrane is the homeland of the Church of the Silver Flame. Today, it is lead by Jaela Daran, Keeper of the Flame since 993 YK, and the Diet of Cardinals.


  • The country is lead by the Keeper and the Diet of Cardinals, whose most powerful and public member is High Cardinal Krozen. The court has as much intrigue as any royal palace, and is a key part of international politics. Like Karrnath and Breland, Jaela hosts a noble from each of their families, including Gaius ir’ Wynarn, Kaius III’s younger brother, as a sort of “hostage exchange” to help foster peace. She in turn has sent a group of her most trusted ministers to live in the foreign royal courts.
  • Ever since Thalin died and Daslin was displaced from the throne since 914 YK, the royal family has acted as “blood regents,” the current heir being princess Diani ir’Wynarn. She holds almost no actual power, but her wealth and connections still give her influence. A movement called the “Throneholders” works to return the family to the throne, deposing the theocracy.
  • Unlike most other nations, the dragonmarked houses do not have a strong foothold in national politics in Thrane. The Diet regularly refuses requests from the houses to expand operations within their borders, and house agents are sometimes obligated to allow Thrane escorts to follow them while working on Thrane soil. The Thrane government hopes to develop a closed economy separate from other nations. Although most people appreciate the houses’ services, years of propaganda have engendered an idea of distrust in the heirs’ draconic magic.
  • Also marginalized, the Vassals of the Host mostly keep their worship secret to avoid persecution, but the public members have formed under the banner of the Host of the Faithful.


  • Thrane sits in the absolute center of the continent, touching no ocean directly. The east border is formed by Scions Sound and the northern tip of the Mournland. Across the Sound is Karrnath, which used to be connected to Thaliost by the White Arch Bridge. Also east across the Sound are the Talenta Plains. To the northwest sits Aundair across the Starpeaks. To the south and southwest is Breland.
  • Notable Locations
    • Although a number of keeps and forts became famous during the Last War, Arythawn Keep is the only one still on high alert. The Keep defends Thrane from monsters loose from the Mournland, and it is arguably the best fortified location close to the Mournland’s borders.
    • The capital of the nation and the spiritual center of the church, Flamekeep sits on a island on the west bank of Scions Sound.
    • A prominent stop on roads and the lightning rail, Sigilstar is the trade center of Thrane’s economy, seeing more foreign visitors than any other city in the country. This atmosphere has bred a much more liberal atmosphere, and debates of politics and religion are common in its famous teahouses.
    • The occupied city of Thaliost is a point of contention for Aundair, but for now, it remains in Thrane hands.


  • 2.3 million
  • 70% human
  • 10% half elf
  • 9% dwarf
  • 4% elf
  • 4% halfling
  • 3% other