The Traveler

God of chaos and charm, the Traveler is the most mysterious member of the Sovereign Host. Although the rest of the Dark Six have some connection to Sovereign Host, the Traveler is not related to them. Some scholars even posit that the Traveler put himself into the pantheon. The myths and tales of this god are often personal, unlike the wars and disasters of the other gods. A common story is of the unknown visitor who comes to people in their time of need. The end of the story usually sees the victim availed of their burden, but with some other affliction soon following, showing the god’s fickle nature.

Throughout the world, the Traveler is worshiped by a wide variety of people. Artificers are drawn to his power of bringing the random together. Those without affiliation are often drawn to his wanderlust. Appropriately, he is also the patron god of changelings. His holy symbol is four bones crossed to create an octagon, inscribed with runes.

In Xen’drik, the Traveler’s name is invoked almost daily, because his power is present in every square inch of the map. The Traveler’s Curse is a common phenomenon, where the road will change shape, stretch, shrink, or simply disappear, all in seemingly random ways. This makes travel difficult and disorienting, and cartography a futile exercise.