Talenta Plains

The most common image of the Talenta Plains is a halfing astride a velociraptor, crossing the vast grasslands with its tribe. While the halflings are no simple nomadic race, the Plains are also not a nation in the traditional sense. Tribes of hunters and shepherds criss-cross the vast savannahs and deserts every year, with little sense of national unity. The representative for the Plains at the Thronehold peace talks, Lathon Halpum, would not even call himself a leader of the Plains, merely a well-respected chieftain (“lath” is the word for chief, and “lathon” is a chieftain of multiple, but not all tribes).

The only true city on the Plains is Gatherhold, a makeshift community mostly used on an annual basis for larger intertribal gatherings. Though most of the rest of the plains are empty or only passed by nomadic tribes, the Talentans have allowed Karrnath to establish a few bases in the south to fend off Valenar invaders.

Dinosaurs are a common sight on the Plains, though there some else where (Q’Barra and the Marches also have small populations). They are part of a herding culture, with raptors serving as mounts and sheepdogs, while herbivore species graze under their watch. Some Talentans even master riding pterodactyls, servings as couriers and messengers for the vast open territories.

  • The Talenta Plains make up most of the east of Khorvaire, bordered in the north by Karrn and the Mror Holds and separated from Q’Barra in the east by the Endworld Mountains. At the south, the arid Blade Desert separates the halfings from Valenar, and the western border is formed by the Cyre River and the gray mist surrounding the Mournland. The Plains are the only landlocked country on the continent.
  • Notable Locations
    • Gatherhold acts as a sort of capital, and is also home to the main enclave of House Ghallanda.
    • Farther south along the Endworld Mountains is Krezent. This is said to be the only remaining ruins of the couatl communities, a vast pyramid that has since been mostly covered up by the sand. Though a small group of shulassakar reside there, the holy site is often invaded by yuan ti.
    • Close to the northeast corner is the Boneyard, a plateau that is littered with the bones of hundreds of races and thousands of individuals, from small goblins to elder dragons. It is said the land has a connection to the Dolurrh, drawing dying creatures to a final resting place, collecting the bones for some sinister reason.
  • 400,000
  • 80% halfling
  • 10% human
  • 4% dwarf
  • 4% changeling
  • 2% other