Conflict is fairly common on Eberron. Border skirmishes in Khorvaire, guerilla jungle fights in Xen’drik, and territorial battles in Argonnessen are all the norm. But there is one place where intrigue and conflict are a little less common. The agrarian nation of Syrkarn. Nestled to the south of Riedra and to the west of Adar, Syrkarn is the most peaceful place in Sarlona. With a loose government, a low population, and a mix of nomads and farmers, Syrkarn is no powerhouse or scheming principality.

However, the land that now contains Syrkarn use to be a much more dangerous place. Millenia ago, Sarlona consisted of a collection of warring city-states, each with sorceror kings and barbarian hordes. Four states stood where Syrkarn is now: Mae Khree, Sunyagir, Khunan, and Lamecha. Khunan was a feared stronghold of sorcerer-kings, while the other three handled the production needs of this tyrant nation (Mae Khree-livestock and horses, Sunyagir-mining, and Lamecha-agriculture). During the Sundering, the kings of Khunan grew increasingly greedy and paranoid, and attempted to completely dominate the other three nations. They rose up and destroyed Khunan.

During the Unification by the Inspired, the continent was mostly consolidated into the Empire of Riedra, and the Inspired ordered all humans to leave the four kingdoms. Non-human races quickly understood and flocked to the peninsula, which slowly and organically became the nation it is today, despite tales of yuan ti rebellions and schemes. The name “Syrkarn” comes from a fabled power that lives below the nation, which some say is a lord from the Age of Demons.

There are a few theories why Syrkarn was not included in the consolidation of Riedra. Some say that the racial mix would have made assimilation more complicated than the Inspired would be prepared to handle. Others say that a set of imprisoned rajahs below the central plains would reak havoc on the Inspired’s psionic network. Whatever the reason, the people of Syrkarn remain unmolested by the Riedran Empire. Well, there are probably Inspired agents lurking in key locations, but to be sure, the Riedran military spends none of its resources on Syrkarn border.

Other than this peculiar peace, Syrkarn is noted for the eneko people. Enekos are the mix of ogre and half-giant blood, and despite the stereotypes for both races, enekos are known for their even-tempered natures. Along with the ogres, half-giants, orcs, and enekos, Syrkarn is home to a small minority of humans.

Syrkarn shares its northern border with Borunan (they both also share the Andnemun desert), Pyrine, and Khalesh.