Storm Lords

The Storm Lords are the rulers of the town of Stormreach in Xen’drik. Though they only control a small town at the northern tip of a wild, jungle nation, these leaders have considerable influence and power in Khorvaire politics.

Stormreach began as a capital city during the Age of Giants, but after their destruction, it fell into disuse. Soon after mankind became prevalent in Khorvaire, piracy and seafaring become common in the Thunder Sea, and the most northern tip of Xen’drik became the unofficial center of nautical society.

During the reign of Galifar, trade and exploration in the Thunder Sea and Xen’drik increased, but more piracy and lawlessness followed right along. King Galifar realized that resources and artifacts that could be harvested from Xen’drik were invaluable, and the shipping lanes had to be safe enough for trade. But he had neither the political capital nor the resources to conquer Stormreach and the pirates outright. Through covert avenues, King Galifar contacted the four most powerful pirate lords of the Stormreach region, and came to an agreement. Their power would be recognized if they submitted to a treaty with Galifar and established a trading outpost for the explorers coming from Khorvaire and cut down the piracy in the nearby waters.

They agreed, but their power and lack of trustworthiness made Galifar include an outsider for balance. Formerly a pirate, but now a privateer, Jolan Wylkes was an ally to Galifar, and distrusted by the four pirate lords. They demanded a division of labor and power. So, the Wilkes family became the Harbor Lord, while the other four Lords are known as the Coin Lords, and collectively, they became the Storm Lords:
  • Amanatu
    • This dwarven pirate clan had a reputation as one of the most ruthless and violent before the founding of Stormreach. Its current head, Yorrick, is also the only surviving founding Storm Lord. The clan used their military expertise to organize the Stormreach Guard, and maintains heavy influence on the Guard today. Being a dwarf, Yorrick has deep ties to House Kundarak and helped them buy and build Coasthold. Yorrick also had a personal hand in putting down the Omaren Revolt, executing most of the family, making him unpopular with the current heirs.
  • Lassite
    • Lead by Varen, this human family is best known for their smuggling and distilling businesses. Their distillery in Marketplace is the main source for kuryeva is named after the original Lassite Storm Lord, Molou. The Lassites act as the diplomats and negotiators of the Marketplace and all Stormreach politics, making them few enemies. Also, Varen is a popular public figure.
  • Omaren
    • The Omarens (the most feared human pirates on the Thunder Sea) were manipulated early on in the reign of the Storm Lords, tricked into a ironclad contract offering cheap services from their foundry in Forgelight. Eventually, this inequality bubbled over into a scheme by Lord Castal, which became the Omaren Revolt, which was put down forcibly, and Yorrick Amantu oversaw Castal’s execution personally. The current head, Lady Paulo is ambitious and eager to regain her family’s prominence, and has deep ties to House Deneith and the Iron Watch.
  • Sel Shadra
    • This gnomish family was known for smuggling by sails powered by air elementals, and today, they oversee the justice (and criminal) system of Stormreach. Kirris, the family matriarch, weaves webs of finance and criminal strategy, and also administers the flimsy network of magistrates that dole out legal punishment. She is often seen at the Red Ring.
  • Wylkes
    • The Wylkeses have never been loved in Stormreach, but they are seen as a necessary evil. As the Harbor Lord, they sit separate but equal to the Coin Lords, and control incoming trade and oversee tariffs and fees. Recently, however, with the death of the house head, a young, inexperienced, and incompetent Jonas has taken the reins. Various power groups work to influence (and possibly control) him.