The Empire of Riedra is a dictatorship ruled ostensibly by the Inspired, and is the centerpiece of the continent of Sarlona. Out of the ruins of the Sundering, this psionic powerhouse has grown in power and size for the last two thousand years.

Riedra made its presence known in Xen’drik in 876 Unity (574 YK) when it built an embassy in Stormreach for its mining operations inland for crysteel. On hundred years later, Dar Qat was founded, and most essential personnel was relocated to this isolated stronghold.

  • Population: 13,878,000
    • 90% Humans
    • 2.6% Chosen/Inspired
    • 2.5% Shifters
    • 2% Changelings
    • 1.3% Ogres
    • 1.7% Other
      • Riedra’s “other” includes half-giants (in Rhiavhaar), dwarves (the surviving Dor Maleer traitors), dragonborn (mostly defending coautl ruins in Khalesh), Ohr Kaluun tieflings, subterranean dromite communities, and goliaths in the highest mountain ranges. They are listed in the psionic census as a reminder that Riedra still has outsiders lurking on the fringes.
  • Starting in the east, Riedra is connected to a chain of islands called Ohr Kaluun. South of that is Corvagura, which borders Adar. West of that is Pyrine, and west of Pyrine is Borunan, and west of Borunan is Khalesh, all of which form the northen border of Syrkarn. North of these provinces is the largest province, Nulakesh. West of Nulakesh is Dor Maleer, which borders the Tashana Tundra. Finally, south of Dor Maleer and West of Borunan is the coastal province of Rhiavhaar.
  • Riedra’s two inland seas are Rhialuun (surrounded by Nulakesh, Dor Maleer, Khalesh, and Rhiavhaar) and Kelneluun (completely within the borders of Dor Maleer). The bay of Korlandaluun is created by the shores of Corvagura, Pyrine, and Nulakesh, while blockaded by the archipelago of Ohr Kaluun.
  • The three major mountain ranges are the Frostblade, Frostwall (both in Dor Maleer), and Broken Blade Mountains (in the north of Borunan). At the most northern tip of Nulakesh, the Spur is a collection of extremely treacherous and high peaks.