As any theologian will tell you, an individual is made up of a body and a spirit. The spirit guides the body’s actions, while the body houses the spirit. The normal case is for one spirit to possess one body. In the realm of magic and psionics, though, this is not always the case. Outside spirits can possess a person’s body, totally or partially.

Possession is not a common phenomena in Eberron, but it is significant mostly to otherworldly quori. For the Inspired and their cousins, the Chosen, the quori play a heavy-handed role, shaping national and international policy. For the kalashtar, the quori have integrated themselves into the human bodies, and the partnership is deeply intertwined, and decision-making and spiritual matters are in a gray area. No kalashtar would call themselves possessed, but any examiner ignorant of their special partnership would detect traces of a foreign spirit.