Notable terms and conventions


In Khorvaire, coppers are called “crowns,” silver pieces are called “sovereigns,” gold coins are called “galifars,” and platinum pieces are called “dragons”.


  • In historical records, years in Khorvaire are based on the establishment of the Empire of Galifar, 998 years ago (present day being 998 YK). Anything before that is denoted with a negative number (the War of the Mark in -500 YK).
  • In Adar, the years are based around the arrival of Taratai and her quori brethren, in -802 YK (so the current year is 1800 AT). In Riedra, the establishment of the Inspired’s rule is the basis, dating back to -302 YK (so the current year is 1300 Unity).
    • Riedra has no monthly or weekly calendar, relying on season changes, while Adar has recently instituted a monthly calendar.

The year is divided into 12 months, each 28 days, each associated with a moon, in the following order:

  • Zarantyr: Associated with the Mark of Storm
    • 13-Revelation Day: A sacred day when Vol Seekers go on vision quests.
  • Olarune: Associated with the Mark of Sentinel
    • 18-Bright Souls’ Day: A Silver Flame holiday commemorating the fallen.
    • 20-Day of Mourning: A solemn anniversary of the Mourning.
  • Therendor: Associated with the Mark of Healing
    • 5-Tirasday: The birthday of the Flame’s first Keeper, Tira Miron.
    • 15-Sun’s Blessing: Dol Arrah’s sacred day, traditionally a day of peace.
  • Eyre: Associated with the Mark of Making
  • Dravago: Associated with the Mark of Handling
    • 26-Aureon’s Crown: This holiday centers around Aureon and the pursuit of knowledge, often accompanied by tournaments of wit and knowledge.
    • 28-Promisetide: Faithful of the Silver Flame mark this holiday as the first day of spring and a metaphor for the renewal of their promised paradise.
  • Nymm: Associated with the Mark of Hospitality
    • 12-Brightblade: Dol Dorn’s day promotes competition in the athletic arena.
    • 21-Firstdawn: The anniversary of the establishment of the theocracy in Thrane.
  • Lharvion: Associated with the Mark of Detection
    • 14-Silvertide: A day set aside to appreciate the sacrifice eons ago of the couatl during the Age of Demons.
    • 15-Reachrace: This day marks the opening of a week of athletic competitions among shifter communities, most notably in the Eldeen Reaches.
    • 23-Race of the Eight Winds: Sharn’s incredibly popular airborn race around the city, with representatives from eight districts.
  • Barrakas: Associated with the Mark of Finding
  • Rhaan: Associated with the Mark of Scribing
    • 9-Boldrei’s Feast: This holiday of feast and galas celebrates Boldrei.
  • Sypheros: Associated with the Mark of Shadow
    • 1-Ascension: The anniversary of Tira Miron’s sacrifice for the Silver Flame.
    • 16-Wildnight: A holiday in honor of the Fury, including bacchanalia and sometimes live sacrifices.
  • Aryth: Associated with the Mark of Passage
    • 11-Thronehold: The day the Treaty of Thronehold was signed.
    • 24-Rampartide: Flame devotees take this day to atone for any sins during the year.
  • Vult: Associated with the Mark of Warding
    • 21-Khybersef: This Silver Flame holiday draws attention to the evil in the world, asking the faithful to steel themselves against it.
    • 26-Long Shadows: The Shadow’s three day feast ends the year, and is notably a dangerous time for non-violent creatures.

The week is divided into seven days, with the following names:

  • Sul
  • Mol
  • Zol
  • Wir
  • Zor
  • Far
  • Sar

Notable terms and conventions

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