This northeastern section of Sharn is just west of the City of the Dead, and is almost all residential, catering to the middle and upper classes.

Upper Districts
  • Crystal Bridge
    • A quiet, luxurious residential district.
  • Oak Towers
    • Another upper-end area of residences, with a fair amount of elven architecture.
  • Shae Lias
    • This district serves as a sort of miniature Aerenal; foreign elves live here and ply Aereni wares and services (notably funereal and artistic).
Middle Districts
  • High Hope
    • The dwarves of this district are mostly descended from the original engineers of modern Sharn. These middle class residents also maintain modest smithies.
  • Holdfast
    • This temple district is simpler than those in the upper levels, and draws more solemn and devout followers.
  • Oakbridge
    • An almost ideal middle-class residential area.
Lower Districts
  • Longstairs
    • This residential district obsessively maintains order and quiet.
  • North Market
    • Centered around an open-air market, this community caters to shifters.
  • Stoneyard
    • A quiet shifter community fills most of this district.
Ethnic Neighborhoods
  • Holdfast in Middle Menthis is almost all dwarven.
  • Stoneyard is the best place to find shifters, though some of them are usually in transit.
  • Shae Lias in Upper Northedge is the home of most Aereni elves.