Morgrave University

An odd mixture of erudite research and profit margins, Morgrave is not the most prestigious university in Khorvaire, but it is the largest in Sharn. Founded in 738 YK by Lord Lareth ir’Morgrave, a treasure hunter, the university has a tradition of aggressive archaeology which some suspect includes smuggling and artifact theft. Today’s Chancellor is Larrian ir’Morgrave.

The university has a variety of levels and bridges criss-crossing the district, but is centered around Dalannan Tower, with its expansive dome containing Lareth Hall. Five spires surround the tower, named after the original five nations.

Prominent Features

  • The Bridge: Connecting Breland Tower and Dalannan Tower, this bridge is the most frequented by students, with postings and stores at both ends.
  • Dezina Museum of Antiquities: This famed museum is the largest public repository of Xen’drik artifacts.
  • Great Hall of Aureon: A temple to the god of knowledge, this religious spot is popular even among the spiritually skepetical, famed for helping people solve problems.
  • Hadrill Gardens: Located in the Aundair Spire, this batch of greenhouses and botanical gardens houses some of the rarest flora on the continent.
  • Lareth Hall: This main domed hall in the center of Dalannan Tower houses the administrative offices.
  • University Library: In collaboration with House Sivis, this book repository is one of the most robust university presses in Khorvaire.
  • Valdain Museum of Natural History: This collection of stuffed animals and biological samples is extensive, and a destination for many tourists visiting Sharn.

Morgrave University

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