Menthis Plateau

Directly south of the Central Plateau, this section of Sharn is famous for its entertainment options and Morgrave University.

Upper Districts

  • Deni’yas
    • Offering a variety of commerical services, a large proportions of the middle class residences are occupied by gnomes.
  • Ivy Tower
    • This residential district house mostly staff and faculty from Morgrave.
  • Platinate
    • An upper-end residential area, Platinate is known for its retired adventurers, making for interesting conversation and antique sales.
  • Seventh Tower
    • This commerical district is based what is called “Little Xen’drik,” six well-known dealers in Xen’drik goods and antiques.
  • University District

Middle Districts

  • Cassan Bridge
  • Everbright
    • The best place for mid-range magical items and affordable magical services.
  • Little Plains
    • Based on Talenta architecture, this district is almost completely inhabited by halflings, as well as their domesticated dinosaurs.
  • Smoky Towers
    • A significant entertainment district, this area also has some of the more affluent Cyrans.
  • Warden Towers
    • This district is a significant garrison for the Sharn Watch, and is closely tied to a local Lhazaar community.

Lower Districts

  • Center Bridge
    • This district is infamous for their refusal to allow Sharn Watch on their streets, barricading any attempt for entry. Many of the residents are Morgrave students.
  • Downstairs
    • This hospitality district is mostly known for its drunken taverns.
  • Firelight
    • Sharn’s most famous red light district, Firelight is also a gambling center for the lower classes.
  • Forgelight Towers
    • A residential district with a significantly older population.
  • Torchfire
    • Another lower-class entertainment district, known for its bawdy theater.

Ethnic Neighborhoods

  • Middle Menthis has a district called “Little Plains,” home to the highest concentration of halfling residents.
  • Upper Menthis has a district named Deni’yas, a large gnome district, called “Little Zilargo.”