The capital of Karrnath is home to Kaius III. Sitting on the south shore of the Karrn River, the city seems large because of ancient architecture designed for its visuals as opposed to residence. While the king has final say on every part of city administration, he allows Hyran ir’Tennet some freedom as Civic Minister.

The five districts are:

  • Commerce: Connected to the river trade, this commercial district handles most of the exports leaving Karrn.
  • Community: The most prominent feature of this district are the Caves of the Skeletal Hands. These series of caves have gigantic magically animated skeletal hands as doors, and were used to store rations during the Last War. Today, they are occupied mostly by poor goblins, but local gang violence has neighbors wondering whether they belong there.
  • Highcourt: This district is almost completely dominated by Crownhome, which sits atop King’s Hill. This royal palace acts as Kaius’ residence and the garrison for over a thousand soldiers, including the entire Conqueror’s Host (his personal guard) and the White Lions.
  • Low District: Home to Brinter’s Distillery, the famed home of Nightwood Ale, this district is notably poorer than the rest of the city.
  • Temple: Long dominated by the Blood of Vol, this district is now centered around the rebuilt Cathedral of the Sovereign Host, whose simulated stellar observatory ceilings are known throughout the continent. Prelate Roerith is famous for using divine magic to fuse shut the Holygate during a siege of the city.

Each side of the city is open to a single gate; Eastgate opens to a road to Karrlakton, Westgate opens to a road to Rekkenmark, Northgate is a lightning rail station in the northeast of the city, and Rivergate is the main port. Southgate is a largely ceremonial gate to the palace, while Holygate was fused shut during a siege of the city during the Last War. Also notable is the Tower of the Twelve, which floats above the Low District.

The city’s law enforcement is also its garrison; the White Lions are the usual authority called in case of crime or disaster, and are best known to visitors as the chilly tariff collectors. Their leader is the elder General Thauram, a half-elf who served with Kaius I.


  • 86,000 with 1,000 in transit
  • 40% Human
  • 19% Dwarf
  • 6% Halfling
  • 4% Half-elf
  • 4% Elf
  • 7% Other