The second largest of the three gnomish cities, Korranberg (population: 17,300) is home to the Library of Korranberg, one the best-stocked and extensive libraries in Khorvaire.

The Library of Korranberg
  • Founded by the Korran family, this library’s explicit goal is to collect all the knowledge in the world, magical and mundane. To that end, the library quickly expanded into a series of colleges.
  • The Library is divided into eight schools:
    • Soldas: History
    • Balinor’s Horn: Natural Sciences
    • Blackdragon: Alchemy
    • Tabernacle: Religion and Philosophy
    • Morridan: Mathematics
    • Aureon’s Holt: Law and Oratory
    • Lyrris: Art and Literature
    • Drystone: Engineering
  • Each school is headed by a doyen, who sit on the library’s council, headed by a high councilor appointed by the Korran family, currently one of their own, Alina Alrene ir’Korran.